Sales Force Sizing

On the basis of product portfolio and customer expectations regarding the expected level of costs, we perform Sales Force Optimisation Process with the use of Sales Force Optimisation System, whose objective is to present a complete recommendation regarding:

  • number of sales teams;
  • size and specialisation of target customer groups, the so-called targeting process;
  • sub-targeting, recommending a proper percentage share of customers according to importance;
  • coverage and frequency of visits at a proper customer segment on the national level and structure of target list of individual representatives (such a recommendation, upon the customer’s request, is performed up to the province level);
  • product structure of sales teams;
  • promotional cycles taking the need of reaching specific number of customers in a specific time into account.

The SFO-System is an in-house tool developed by Moneo Pharma Group, deriving models from many-years’ experiences of our partners.

SFO-System is a multi-layer analysis of numerical data, including: scheduled customer costs, promotional mix, purchasing power, market potential according to IMS data, Medical Index data, data about numbers of customers with proper specialisation on micro- and macro-level. Upon customer request, we also participate in the process of constructing or reconstructing geographical structure of areas of representation up to the level of 1162 IMS bricks.

Our solutions are addressed to customers who are willing to obtain their targets by investing a minimum of resources and a maximum of knowledge.